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Il giorno 13 maggio, a Toronto (CA), presso la Ryerson University, nell’ambito della sessione “4.2 Luxury and places” della conferenza Nouveau Reach. Past, Present and Future of Luxury, Mario Paris presenterà un intervento dal titolo “Making Prestigious Places. How luxury influences the transformation of cities” sui temi trattati nell’omonimo libro da lui curato ed atteso per agosto 2017 (Ed. Routledge). Di seguito l’abstract, disponibile anche nel flyer del programma della conferenza.

Nouveau Reach. Past, Present and Future of Luxury – Toronto (CA), May 11-14
Friday, 12/5/2017, Session 4.2 – Luxury and Places KERR HALL WEST 258”
Chair: Shaun Borstrock, University of Hertfordshire


This study centers on the spatial dimension of luxury envisioned as a sector—with specific activities, operators, and investments—and as system of values, with a role as agent/accelerator of urban transformation.
Traditionally, luxury is deeply related to the city, as a locus of production, consumption, and representation but, nowadays, a change in operators’ approach marks a radical switch in the design of luxury spaces, their functional programs, and their operational rules. Following some trends related with marketing and market diversification, in several recent urban interventions practitioners use the urban/metropolitan environment as an asset and not only as a catchment basin for customers. Sometimes, their actions on the city exceed the classic exclusiveness of luxury enclaves, involving an alternative dimension, related to what we can call “prestige” (Fang, 2015). The paper offers some reflections about the influences of this transformation in contemporary cities and the potential role of public actors within these processes.

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